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Child Psycholgist

Individual Therapy

People seek emotional support for many different reasons.  Sometimes we need help in dealing with a loved one or friend, health issues, job changes or challenges in relationships. 


Sometimes we consciously choose to explore our own personal growth. Individual therapy can be a helpful support to you in all of these circumstances.

Although the issues are different for each person, there is a common need to learn more about ourselves through personal insight and emotional support.

GROUP Therapy

Anger Management **coming soon

This is an educational group focusing on building positive skills to help manage feelings of anger and increase positive communications skills. It additionally addresses the connection between anger and depression and negative behaviors.

Domestic Violence **coming soon

Batterer's Intervention Group 

Survivors Group 

Women's Empowerment  ** coming soon

This group will focus on the unique issues of its members and will include topics such as perfectionism, anxiety, loneliness, worthiness, and shame. You will learn how to make decisions based on your needs and feelings in a supportive environment where other women are learning how to do the same thing.

Counseling Group


Stressful situations and disagreements among family members can challenge family dynamics.


Conflict within the family bonds can affect each and every family member.


Differences in opinions, thoughts, values, and personalities can make it difficult to resolve conflict, especially when tensions are high.


Arguments among family tend to affect us because the family bond is so important to our overall wellbeing.

community engagement


We provide workshops based on the needs of businesses, and nonprofits.   The workshops are tailored made for the clients that we service. 


Examples of workshops that have been provided are Elder bullying, coping skills, bullying, etc.

Speaking Engagements

Staff is available to present on mental health topics for podcasts, conferences, church groups, and schools.

Psychology Patient


Phoenix has designed EAP services for employment agencies to provide counseling services to your company. 


I understand that you service individuals that may have difficulty in finding or keeping a job and we would like to offer our services to help those individuals. Unemployment can be associated with increases in depression and anxiety, trouble sleeping, decreased life-satisfaction, problems with alcohol abuse and changes in physical well-being. 


A multitude of other problems can also rise including more frustration and arguments or being withdrawn. 


Counseling is an effective and preventive people management strategy for organizations to help employees or potential employees better manage stress, personal issues or work-related problems.  


Telehealth counseling is also called internet counseling, online therapy, telemedicine, or distance counseling.


Telehealth is counseling conducted via videoconference or telephone in lieu of face-to-face in-office counseling.


It is confidential and HIPAA secure using a videoconferencing platform specifically designed for therapy. 

Platforms being utilized are Zoom and Doxy.Me.

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