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How to Find a Therapist

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Looking for a therapist can be overwhelming because there are so many different types of helping professions to choose from. There are counselors, psychologist, social workers and psychiatrists. And each type of professional has a different educational backgrounds. When you're looking for a therapist, there are somethings you need to be aware of.

1. Shop around for a good therapist. Take the time to investigate each therapist like you would a medical doctor. You wouldn't see a podiatrist for your general health. You research and make sure the doctor fits your needs and you should do the same with a therapist. Ask for referrals, call your insurance company, or check online. Check licensing and treatment orientation.

2. When you meet with the therapist for a consultation or initial appointment, ASK QUESTIONS. You need to feel comfortable with therapist in order to get optimal benefits. Questions help you get to know your potential therapist.

3. If you found someone you like. Talk finances. You need to know if they take your insurance, offer a sliding scale, or have a payment plan. You need to know can you afford to see them. You want to know the fees that are associated with counseling, initial assessment, individual session, fees for no show, or fees for filling out paperwork.

Find a good therapist is personal decision that only you can make. But any help you can get from family, friends, or professional. And remember to trust your GUT because you have to be comfortable enough to tell your story and receive the help.

Happy searching.

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